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The Quotable Eleanor Roosevelt edited by Michele Wehrwein Albion

The reading of books should be a constant voyage of exploration, of adventure, of excitement. The habit of reading is a man’s bulwark against loneliness, his window of opening on life, his unending delight. It is also an open door onto all the paths of knowledge and experience and beauty.  (Circa 1963, Tomorrow Is Now)

Born in the late 1800s to one of the wealthiest families in New York City, Eleanor Roosevelt seemed destined for a traditional woman’s role within a sedate Victorian life. Instead, she married her fifth cousin and was flung into the highest levels of American politics, culminating in Franklin’s unprecedented four-term presidency.

While previous first ladies refrained from public discussion of their personal views, Eleanor’s bold opinions on political, social, and racial issues took many by surprise. She held press conferences and wrote a syndicated column. She spoke at national conventions, granted interviews, and often made appearances on her husband’s behalf. Her own influence lasted years beyond his death. She advocated for human rights, worked with the United Nations, and supported what later became the civil rights movement.

The fascinating quotes in this collection are the words of an articulate, honest, and thoughtful woman. Of war, she said, “I hope the day will come when all that inventing and mechanical genius will be used for other purposes.” At a time when racism prevailed, Eleanor said, “We must be proud of every one of our citizens, for regardless of nationality, or race, every one contributes to the welfare and culture of the nation.”

Organized by topic—government, money, art, education, class, relationships, emotions—these quotations reveal the personal thoughts Roosevelt shared in letters and conversations alongside the strong opinions she expressed in speeches and interviews, giving evidence to her character and her beliefs. Her words continue to resonate today.

Michele Wehrwein Albion is a writer based in New Hampshire. She is the author of The Florida Life of Thomas Edison and the editor of The Quotable Edison and The Quotable Henry Ford.

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The purpose of a storyteller is not to tell you how to think, but to give you questions to think upon. Too often we forget that. -Brandon SandersonThe Way of Kings

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The Apps Club will meet at 1:00 pm to share and discuss new apps for your portable device. Join us and feel free to share your favorite app! Louis T. Graves Memorial Public Library is located at 18 Maine St., Kennebunkport. FMI Contact Louis T. Graves Memorial Public Library at 967-2778 or visit our website at

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Graphic Novel Review:


The Glorkian Warrior Delivers a Pizza by James Kochalka
Reviewed by Anna Yellis

After getting a phone call from mysterious Destiny, the brave Glorkian Warrior is given a mission to do. Along with his trusty Super Backpack, the adventurous warrior goes on a daring mission to deliver a pizza while still hot. Mishaps occur almost as soon as he gets into his car. The Warrior, comically forgets how to drive his automobile which results in him crashing it. Thankfully he and his Backpack survive the car crash unscathed.

The Glorkian Warrior realizes that he has to walk to the destination. As he starts the long and arduous trek, the Warrior comes face to face with an enormous, terrifying pink giant. When he triumphs over the giant and wins the battle, the Warrior continues his journey. The brave Glorkian Warrior soon gets sidetracked by more enemies wanting the pizza. In the continuation of this tale, you start to wonder, would the pizza fall into the jaws of the enemies or his own hungry jaws?

The Glorkian Warrior is a comical,  pink alien type of character. He is seen wearing a light blue jumpsuit. He is absentminded and not a very smart guy. The Warrior is known for saying the funniest and most hilarious things at the most random time. With him is his trusty backpack that can shoot lasers and fly. Oh. And he can also talk.

This is a  sci-fi graphic novel with 110 pages.  Throughout the story, the pages are covered in bright, bold, and colorful illustrations. The story is told through amusing pictures.

Personally, I feel that this story is written for a younger audience around the grade level of 2-5. Since I am an older reader, I did not have the same enjoyment as younger readers would. I think that this is a great graphic novel for young readers.

Anna Yellis is a high school volunteer in the Junior Room at the Graves Library.

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