New In Non-Fiction:


Maine’s Favorite Birds by Jeffrey V. Wells & Allison Child Wells

From lush forests and rocky coastlines to lakes, mountains, and rolling fields, spectacular natural beauty and diverse habitats make Maine a wonderful place for seeing and hearing some of North America’s most iconic birds. This fresh new book highlights the birds that are loved by Mainers and essential to why millions of tourists visit each year.

Written by well-known birders and native Mainers, and based on their years of experience answering questions, leading bird walks, and teaching people about birds, Maine’s Favorite Birds puts the focus on Maine’s most-loved and best-known birds. This makes the book uniquely suited to bird enthusiasts who want to identify and learn more about the birds around them without the expense and confusion of more advanced field guides. Maine’s Favorite Birds features each bird beautifully illustrated in large format, accompanied by clear and concise identification tips, habitat references, and easy-to-remember song descriptions. It also includes birding hot spots and ways birders can put their observations to use for science and conservation.

Maine’s Favorite Birds is perfect for everyone from kids to grandparents, parents to teachers, Mainers and tourists alike anyone who wants to know and better appreciate the birds they see in backyards, parks, wild areas, and nature preserves (back cover).


Audubon Birdhouse Book: Building, Placing, and Maintaining Great Homes for Great Birds by Margaret A. Barker

Birders know that you need the right house to attract the right bird-and we’re not talking trim color. An entrance hole that’s 1/8 inch too big or too small spells trouble, as does a roof that leaks or a floor that doesn’t drain. With the Audubon Birdhouse Book you can build safe, species-appropriate houses for your favorite birds.  Follow step-by-step photos and detailed instructions to create the right nest box, plus learn how and where to mount it to increase the chances that newlyweds will move in and raise a family.

Want bluebirds nesting nearby?  They’ll be delighted to take up residence in a leakproof, easy-to-build Xbox nest box-the very latest in birdhouse design. The profiles, photos, and range maps in the bluebird section will tell you if you’ve got Eastern, Western, or Mountain Bluebirds in your region, how many eggs to expect, how long before the youngsters leave the nest, and other useful facts.

Armed with the Audubon Birdhouse Book, you can build a simple wire basket for a Mourning Dove, a large wooden box for a Barn Owl, a multibranched gourd rack for the sociable Purple Martin, or any one of a dozen other nest boxes for popular birds (back cover).



About Graves Library

I am a public library located in southern Maine. I am open 42 hours per week and serve over 6,000 patrons. The Library collaborates with others to meet the needs of the entire community for education, information, recreation, and communication. Residents of the towns of Kennebunkport, Kennebunk, Cape Porpoise, Wells, or Arundel, Maine (including general area) are welcome to a free Library Card. Non-Residents are also welcome to a temporary card for a fee of $20.00 (deposit). At the end of the stay, the non-resident may request their deposit be returned as long as the account is clear of any fines and all materials have been safely returned to the Library.
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